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To provide financial security and peace of mind to individuals, small business and their families through comprehensive Risk Insurance advice.

Having experienced serious family illness and death, I want to show others that financial stress should be the last thing on your mind in the event of serious illness or death of a loved one or business partner. 

Who We Help

At RPS Advice, we believe everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones are protected. Life Insurance advice will provide financial security and protection in the event of the unexpected.


Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive coverage options and find the right policy for you.

Andrew Dwyer

Andrew Dwyer

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Personal Risk Insurance

Deciding to protect those who depend on us using life insurance protection is a responsible and caring act. Life insurance can provide those who are left behind with a lifetime of financial security.


Your income can be considered your family’s most valuable asset. Your income is used to obtain the necessities of life and provide for life’s comforts. The need for that income continues, whether or not you’re here to provide it.

The following situations signal a need to consider purchasing life insurance:

  • You have a spouse, domestic partner, children, and/or an ageing parent or disabled relative—and your retirement pension and savings are not enough to insure your dependents’ future

  • You have a sizeable estate.

  • You own a business.

  • Life insurance can help loved ones maintain their standard of living after your death.


How can we help you?

At RPS Advice we will  provide tailored recommendations on:

  • the right amount of cover for your lifestyle;

  • the best way to structure your policy;

  • whether to have insurance cover inside or outside of super;

  • high cover requirements for people with significant financial obligations;

  • how to navigate the underwriting process; and

  • what to do at claims time.

As part of our ongoing relationship with you, we can also conduct an annual review of your life insurance, to check if your insurance products and level of cover still match your lifestyle.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is an integral component of comprehensive financial planning. It allows you to protect and distribute your assets according to your wishes while minimizing the financial and emotional burdens on your loved ones. Our estate planning services are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that involves preserving your wealth for future generations, ensuring a smooth transfer of assets, or supporting charitable causes you care about.

​             Contact us today to start the conversation about your estate planning needs.

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We work with a number of partner organisations to provide you with a range of other financial and accounting services. 



If you would like to discuss your financial advice needs in detail, you can contact Andrew directly via email at, or via phone at 0418 179 218

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